Cross-multiplication online
How many? How much?

Triplet cross-multiplication calculation online. Direct and Inverse Proportions (Indirect Proportions). Easy to use, immediate result.
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  • White cells are for values.
  • Blue cells are for inserting units.
  • 🧹 Button clear all values and units.
  • 💾 Button add green value and unit to the list of saved values.
  • List of saved values maybe good for recipe or similar cases.

What is Direct Proportions?

Example 1: I have a recipe for two people (120g). I need a recipe for seven people. When there are more people, more raw materials will be needed. Hence the direct proportions.

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What is Inverse Proportions?

Example 2: If I drive at a speed of 70 km/h, I travel the distance in 2 hours. When I increase speed, I decrease time. It is an inverse proportions.

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Why the name "How many? How much?"?

It is the most common question that defines the task of a triplet. Therefore, this designation of the web application is the most appropriate.


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